Monday, July 18, 2011

Beginning again

Ok, my weight loss blog has been sorely neglected. Well, honestly, ALL of my blogs have been woefully neglected of late, but I'm hopeful that that will change now. My household has changed again, and I'm no longer having suit anyone else's wants/needs when it comes to food preparation and grocery shopping. I've got a good bit of my dinners this week planned. Tonite I had a nice chicken breast baked with some bread crumbs and a little parmesan cheese on top of a small portion of angel hair pasta with herb sauce, and a nice little side salad with a wee bit of bleu cheese dressing. Tomorrow I'll probably have a kosher dog, a salad, and maybe some peas. Wednesday is Genghis Grill. Thursday is the spaghetti with the sauce I made tonite when I already had the kitchen heated up for the chicken.  Friday I'm still undecided on, but I'll figure it out before then. 
I'm so happy that I can keep fresh fruit and veggies in the house again, and I can shop in small enough quantities to keep me fed, but not so much that they will go bad before I can eat them all. 

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