Monday, March 21, 2011

272 or 271

Either way, it's a HUGE number. It's the number I saw on the scale this morning when I stepped onto it. It's a totally unacceptable number to me, and frankly, was a bit of a shock when it appeared. I mean, I sort of expected it to be a little higher than the last time I weighed, whenever that was, because some of my jeans aren't fitting quite as well as they usually do, but I didn't expect it to be quite that high.

I know that there are a lot of things I need to do to address this, and at some point, I'll get to most of them, but I know my brain and my body, and they're going to happen one or two at a time, and as each couple of them become habit and my new "norm", I'll add in another. If I jump in with both feet making a ton of changes, I'll give up one, which will lead to giving up another, and ultimately failure.

This week I'm cutting my Dr Pepper consumption from roughly 4 cans a day to no more than 2, adjusting some of my food choices, and tomorrow evening I start back to Belly Dance class.  As much as I would love to return to my first studio in Bedford, Isis, the drive is just too far, and it's not feasible to make the drive during the week, and there is just too much going on during various weekends in the spring to make the Saturday classes, as well as the silliness of an additional $15 in gas per class. I've found a class near work on Tuesday evenings, and for the next 8 weeks, at least, I'll be there, learning from the 2nd teacher I've ever had.

Have a good night & expect tomorrow's post to be late, and happy tired.