Saturday, May 16, 2009


My legs feel like I walked about 42 miles today. It wasn't truly that far, because, in deference to the rain and mucky conditions at Scarby, once I made it to Pecan Grove, I didn't get back on either bridge until I was leaving, so I didn't go very far. I did, however spend what time I was on walkabout gingerly picking my way around, trying to avoid the really horribly squishy mud, but I was having to work a little harder to keep my footing.

I took measurements tonight, to use as my benchmark and starting place. All are in inches

Bust: 47 (43 around the underside)
Waist: 45.5
Hips: 59
Arms: R-17.5, L-17.25
Thighs: R-35, L-33.5
Calves: R-18, L-17.5

I find it amusing that my right side is, indeed larger than my left. I've known for most of my life that my right hand and foot are bigger than my left ones, but I guess I never thought about the rest of my right side being larger as well.

I do find it HORRIFYING that my hips are quite nearly as big around as I am tall. somehow in my clothes, they don't look THAT big.

I am sure that most women have some sort of unrealistic body image issues, however I just don't think I look THAT fat. I mean, I still have a defined waist, and I do have a lap when I sit down, I don't have to buy bigger than a 2X in most places, and frankly, here lately, I've been buying more XL than 2XL, which is progress, despite not seeing the scale move. I truly don't believe that I LOOK like I am nearly as round as I am tall.

There are changes that I know that I cannot realistically expect, like thighs that are thin enough to not rub together when I walk. Even when I was wearing 10s and 12s my thighs touched, and I hated to wear pantyhose for fear of setting them on fire from the friction of the nylon! My calves will never be thin... they never have been. In my life, I have owned exactly 2 pairs of boots that covered my calves. The first pair, I was somewhere between 8 & 10, and they were white gogo boots, that were that pleather stuff that was so popular back in the 70s, so they were stretchy. The second pair I spent $250 on, more than I have EVER spent on shoes, but I LOVE them, even if I don't wear them a lot some years. They are custom made Medieval Moccasins. In fact, I am planning to wear them with my pirate outfit and socks tomorrow. The good news is that my Birkenstock arch supports fit inside them nicely, so hopefully my fasciitis will settle back down again and my heel won't be bothering me for the entire week.

Now it's off to bed for hopefully a good night's sleep before another full day of faire.

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